Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mostly spit and a bit of polish

There is nothing like working a full time/five days-a week job PLUS a part time job four days a week, evenings PLUS nursing a sick parent and some time away from home to see it all go to hell-in-a-hand basket in one's absence, just to see how much I DO MANAGE to accomplish on a day to day basis around here. My Saturday was spent from 10am to 4pm (yes six hours) cleaning the galley on the Bowie.

It isn't a large space in the big scheme of things, however, combined with the fact that I've been hardly there lately to "maintain my turf", one can readily see how quickly things disintegrate. It forever stymies me that this is so problematic with all these "adults" about but that is just the way it is, sadly.
I re-washed every pot, shelf, cleaned stove burners, the swill out of the bottom of the fridge and all the shelves therein, pantry shelves, cupboards PLUS the sinkful of dishes that were already there. That it only took me six hours was miraculous in and of itself. Oh ya, and swabbed that wooden floor with a scrub brush and a mop and it still could have been gone over a few more times. A well, a bit of a lick and a promise at any rate.

And it is a necessary evil as with doing so, I can take an inventory on supplies and groceries.

I was determined to make up my Sweet Potato, Roasted Garlic and Red onion soup. And somehow, as is the usual fashion, the soup took WAAYY longer than I thought.

In the midst of roasting the veggies for my soup
"Honey, I need roller frames!" Greig cried. "You got me the fuzzies but it is the rollers that I need." Greig was taking advantage of a much necessary break in the weather to get in as much fibreglassing as he could before it is too cool to do it. With such a lousy summer, the planets never aligned just so with work and everything else so that there was a warm weather window. The resin clogs up the rollers pretty quickly and while he could easily take the frame and dip it in a bucket of acetone to use again, that is just a bit too complicated and he doesn't have the time for such details.

Off to the Home Depot again I went. Really, we should have been going to Rona instead all these years as I know we would have logged enough Air Miles through purchases to actually take the whole lot of us on a Mexican vacation. But Rona is at the other end of Bridgeport (4.6km away vs 1.5 or so for the Depot) and would add another half hour to the errand time. And since I hate going anywhere for just ONE thing I had to wander through that place far longer than I wanted and I just got up to the checkout when Greig called again for me to pick up something else.

An hour and 15 minutes later, with roasted veggies cool now in the pan, waiting for the stock and spices, I set to my soup again. I started the soup at about noon and here it was 3pm and I was only JUST getting it all blended up and back in the pot to reheat, racing to do so as I would have to get in the car AGAIN to run the kids across town to SkyTrain to meet their mum.

And got this just as his Nibs was coming in the door, starving as he finally made an effort to take a break and have a bite to eat. And off like a shot I was with the kids and their pal Dennis in tow to hook them up with their Mum. Life is usually like that as often as not, Greig is up to his neck in something mucky that only he can do. Just as well as that fibreglass is gawd-awful so better him than me. I'll take running his children across town to sniffin' that crap.

All in all things have been coming together a bit more of late and we're plowing through the latest list. New boats have arrived and new docks are in the making. There has been the arrival of a behemoth of a boathouse which most of us don't like much as it breaks up our little community. New residents to train and of course there is always firewood to be done.

More pics. One day. But here is one of Greig and Roger working on building a new dock. It's been about two weeks since this was taken and it is still only about half done. Too many other pressing things. It's pretty spanky so far.


IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

a Bit busy then??! This all sounds quite familiar, except I don't have to chase kids around the place, unless I'm allowed to count chasing myself about, no? dammit. Can you please come round and do my fridge too? There's something at the bottom that's definitely showing signs of bronze age civilisation, by the time I actually face dealing with it it'll probably be building very small radiotelecommunication systems, invading my cheese shelf and worrying about the next ice age that's developing in the freezer section. Weirdly the fridge at WendyAnn is bloody spotless, and that one's in the middle of a building site. The soup sounds very tasty, did you actually get to sit down for five seconds to eat it or did you have to balance the bowl on top of the steering wheel?

bowiechick said...

Mmm, yes, and despite the fact that it may of appeared that threw it down the gullet without so much as a taste, I did indeed manage to enjoy some of it.

I also brought it to the annual potluck lunch at work so I will post the recipe too.

Hey, send me a ticket and I'll be happy to clean your fridge. lol!)