Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please sire, just a bit o' warmth please

My friend Jamie on the Katherine Jane is having a devil of a time staying warm. I must commiserate though as we have the daily issue of this too - over five boats mind you - not just one. So if it is any consolation Jamie, staying warm it is an omnipresent daily challenge for us too.

I over did it this spring splitting firewood and the right shoulder crunches like crazy and I have been in chronic pain from it. As well, it exacerbated some carpal tunnel in the wrists and that is already challenging when you work at a desk job.

I was going to some physiotherapy over the summer and loved it when my therapist had me lie back on the traction table that pulled on my neck. Oh, how I wept from all the tension release! So much so, that just going over to lay on the table to pull on the neck and nothing else would have me salivating.

Staying up at Sanctuary House in Trail whilst Dad was in hospital was lovely - except for the beds. They were abysmal!! Oh how naive I was to think that I wouldn't be home, therefore not subjugating my poor carcass to the usual stresses which I consider to be part and parcel of my lifestyle. Things just got worse and while I was concerned about how poor old Dad was doing, I felt I was coming apart at the seams and anxious to come home and get my pain under some control.

When I arrived back home last week, I was so exhausted. I think being in Trail, Flash's passing, my lifestyle and workload (five days a week at the college and often Friday, Saturdays and Sundays on the charters,) was bound to mess me up and find me in a crisis. Going for Craniosacral therapy which at this point may be my new salvation, wasn't something I planned per se, but I think I found an angel in Fred.

I love my little Intrepid Vermont Castings stove and it really heats the joint up! (When I have dry wood.) However, keeping up with feeding it is a all consuming thing. Nevermind just getting dinner ready or renovations of any kind. We have not the space for anything like my father's Woodhenge. (That proper woodpile out in the "back forty," that so many of us rural type North Americans have.) Oh ya...but I live in the city, ON A BOAT! Stupid me.

I already have a propane water heater, (though I'd like that to be on-demand), we are considering a propane furnace of some kind. Something that doesn't require electricity as there is a limited amount of Hydro coming into the complex.

The bottom line is that the most reliable and worry free heat seems to be electrical. We're also having issues with the Dickenson diesel stove on the sailboat. When it is hot it makes it toasty and if not, BRRR. The problem with the electrical is that without a central heating system on the Bowie, everyone has a heater in their room drawing 1500 watts each and so breakers blow constantly. We have been upgrading electrical for sometime and still are (We used to be constantly going through those cylindrical fuses...oyi). However, we could eliminate the individual heaters with a furnace and ducting. Where is that list?

So I don't know if we'll be entirely able to help out Jamie and her Hurricane Furnace issues or not. We aren't immune from having heating troubles either. I can only hope we can knock our heads together and perhaps learn from each other.

The other option which is under serious consideration, is just packing it all in and moving south where I don't have to worry about trying to stay warm. Mexico, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos? Sounds great to me!


rob said...

I guess the thought of winter must make all the old injuries start to play up. I can sympathise as I am no stranger to the bad back/knees,carpal tunnel syndrome, got wacked by that one ten weeks after starting my business,(1966) took a lifetime to get over it (financially), have it sorted. Mexico looks good many seem to fit in just great(maria for one)I would just love the weather and climate

Tim Zim said...

Heating issues seem to plague us all!

Though your winters are a lot more serious than ours here in the UK!

Jamie said...

Oh, Tana love, I just got back and read this. It made me actually laugh out loud! At least I've got you so that I know I'm not alone in my woes ~ whatever would I do without you?

Palm Springs was awfully nice and I thought how lovely it would be if you were there to sip a daiquiri poolside with me! Wishing you much warmth!