Thursday, November 08, 2007

And the culprit is...

A piling.

Yup, I am sitting smack on a piling. It is 12:36am. And I know I need to do a haul out on this too...

"The bow is sitting on a piling. I just have to move you over a few inches so we can clear it."

Now this boat yard has been here for many years. Well, many in terms of BC time...I think as this place has been a boat yard is the early day of Richmond/Vancouver.

There are some wierd sounds that kind of creeping me out. A creak, a groan, a vibration....oyi!!!The logs are creaking here and there...

Well I felt that I was sitting on something there and now we can see it. Funny how it all "seems" ok when you can see things better.

It should start turning anytime now. This is the low for tonight. I was looking at the surface of the water out the galley window, to see if it was slack or otherwise and it looks slack to me. Maybe that Big Blue Heron whose sillouhette I see will be getting some good hunting.

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