Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...and now it is not.

Well they had it running and had pulled it alongside the Partnership, working and working out the bugs. The idea was to have it strapped to the big dolphin and inspect the prop and hull. I thought it perhaps was an unwise thing but what do I know?

Greig had been out there in an incredibly mucky storm testing out that engine and other equipment. The water pump seems to be having issues. He had my spare garden hose running from my boat to the engine room and periodically would holler to me to turn it on or off when necessary. Whilst he was doing that I was making this delicious a Tortilla pie. He'd had a 12 hour day in it and was chilled to the bone and of course, had had little to eat. He called it quits at about 9pm when they ran out of water beneath them.

I know, I know, it seems crazy but there was some logic behind it all in spite of Greig's reservations. Greig changed out of his soggy clothes to head over to the hot tub on the Bowie to warm up and I wasn't far behind.

CRRAAAAACKKKKEEE! And out of the corner of my eye whilst standing in my galley saw it list to starboard.

"Oh that is just fantastic!"

Then I saw a grey form streak across my back deck toward the Sea Cap. Yes it was Dave, and he moves pretty fast for a middle aged white guy!

Rhianna has documented our evening (her camera is way better than mine for night shots). Go here first...

and flash forward a couple of hours to here.

Greig thought Dave was getting his trash pump off the Meat Locker as prep for when the tide came in again so as to avoid having to submerge that just re-done engine.

Afterward, Greig was very surprised that with they were able to right it with that chain block alone as without it the pump wouldn't have kept up. My lord that man is strong. As my pa would say, "built like a brick sh**house, strong"

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cyberangel said...

That boy certainly is strong, it was amazing watching that tug come right up like that. Never a dull moment down here, thats for sure!