Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another short sleep

Greig took out that extra finger of dock but alas, at 2:30 I heard a tell tale thunk and got up to investigate. Off went the valves to the toilets. I was too tired to put away the dishrack earlier in the evening but took it off the counter before all its contents went flying.

At about 7:30 am yesterday, after my 2:30 am post, the contents of a cupboard containing cans of paint and tools that I have under the spiral stair case flew out. A small can of water based varathane dumped over the floor. I was able to catch it but all the million screws that got dumped felt like I was playing a game of "52-pickup."

"Are you mad at me," Greig asked?

"No honey, I know how much you're scrambling and trying to do it all yourself. I'll yell at you for something else later."

So, not wanting a repeat performance of that, I wedged a stick from a stringer on the stairs against the door of that cabinet.

We decided to pressure up the fire hose and attack the mud from under the pontoon. An deadhead that had been floating around yesterday was sitting right beside the pontoon on the mud. Our neighbour Gerard, who recently bought the float house that sits behind us came over to help and stood on a chunk of plywood on the mud, firing the hose at the log and pontoon. Gerard chuckled at me and said in his thick Newfie accent, "Do you guys ever sleep? God, you are goin' all de tine."

Greig had also cinched both Dave and I a bit closer into shore he's going to release us back out until all this dredging is attended to. He thought just taking that finger back out would be enough but it seems the tides are quite a bit lower at the moment.

I tried to get back to sleep at 5am for an hour or so but it was too difficult. I just couldn't warm up again so decided to get up for work. I did managed to get about four hours sleep. Hope I can hit the sheets early tonight without much trouble.

Phew, it is only the first of November. Storm season is only beginning!


Jamie said...

Ah yes, the 2:00-3:00 wakefulness period...seems to be a fact of boat-dwelling! I know it well...

But the boat listing? That's one you've got I haven't had yet...knock on wood!

rob said...

Whoa! sounds like fun? take care! what more could one want to be with the one you love and in a comfortable home, albeit at an angle of 20 degrees :o))I guess it could be a pre-curser for your trips to the sun in the sail boat?