Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to make aluminum railings fly.

Actually, flying railings aside, it should have been the poke in the eye that was my first clue of how the day would ensue and the kick off to the winter storm season.

Ole-Twinkletoes here managed to give myself a right proper poke in the eye with the business end of the pike pole today. I had it in such a position so I wouldn't trip over it and I was trying to tie a line off from a piling onto one of the cleats on the Partnership. I do have two hooks that hang above the walkway where the poles are normally hung but the handle was in one hook and dropping at an angle toward the deck, where I was working the cleat.

And I forgot it was there until I jabbed the end in my eyeball.


Yes, mother, yes father, I am a sailor. Well, perhaps not but I sure swear like one! However that aside, I am a very lucky girl as I fully felt it giving the old eyeball a bit of a toss inside the socket. I gathered my dim wits about me and saw that all of my eyelashes had tucked themselves inside the eyelid and that I still had my vision. Whew. Bullet dodged.

Thankfully, Karen 1 was here and had the presence of mind to immediately grab an ice pack out of the freezer which I have for my shoulder. I have been trying to ice it regularly all day.

I fully expect a big black eye from it.

Cut to Scene 2, on the Bowie, where Greig has been working on building an upper bedroom and has stored some of the aluminum railings. Tonight, two flew off the roof and one landed on the Dos Amores and the other on Troy's new boat. (Yes Troy now has himself a 40' sport fisher, twin gas engines, which looks a lot like Rob's boat actually except with a big fat tarp on it). It landed on the bow deck of his boat. Needless to say, he was a bit upset, and rightly so by it. It all could have been worse and landed on something like, oh, his windows.

I pulled one of the railings out from between the dock and the sailboat and set it back on the dock. It was blowing like hell and the docks were pulling around like crazy.

Cut to Scene 3, MV Partnership, where I happened to be present for the big bang and discovered my chimney had come down and the tarp has ripped in the wind. The tarp's replacement is in the trunk of my car which I was hoping to procrastinate on a bit longer.

We've started this year's storm season off with a good couple of bangs and a poke in the eye.

Good times.


Jamie said...

I'm suspecting the Pike Poles Union has staged a revolt against the Humans today. Mine nearly threw me in the river from it's massive unwieldiness. I wrote my post first, then checked your blog and immediately became suspicious...or maybe you and I just shouldn't be mucking about in the storms?

Hope your bruised eye heals quickly!

rob said...

"Procrastination is the cancer of progress" (Ardie 1978)
Take care with that pike pole!Hope all goes well!