Thursday, November 22, 2007

The latest project

Today was a glorious morning, though navigation on the new docks somewhat precarious with all that frost. We've ordered some rolls of chicken wire which will get stapled to the docks. Apparently it has now come in. Seems to us that ultimately, that is the best material to use for it.

In other news, another boat has arrived and this one with some promise. Dave has salvaged this tug and Greig is going in on the tug with him. Destination: log booms.

The Sea Cap I, is fairly ancient as tugs go and its wooden hull has been covered with a steel skin. It had been sunk and they are putting the single 333 Caterpillar back together. It is a six cylindar turbo diesel and they have it turning over. They've put in a new starter and batteries. Greig is going to take the 24 volt charger to his guy Colin who is a wiz bang with all things electrical. He's hoping today to actually get it running.

They have to get the all the Nav lights and gear in order. The old mast is a piece of junk and I am sure Dave is going to weld something together. So much great stuff can happen when people actually cooperate and work together!

Now when they get this up and running he is aiming to get the v-16's on the Pacific Express up and running. They pulled the starters on that yesterday to take to Mr. Colin.

Now that will be blog worthy when that happens.


rob said...

I Lurv catapillas :o))They are so yellow!

bowiechick said...

Apparently the 333 were one of the top models. So I am told anyhoo.

rob said...

Oh yes!thats true. I always thought that Volvos were expensive for spares but Cats? Phew!