Friday, November 30, 2007

Me thinks it is possessed

Greig got the tug back and operational by that Tuesdayafternoon. It is alas, not problem free. A new head gasket is at the very least in order. Greig somehow jerry-rigged a swimming pool pump up to it to at least get the cooling system working but there much more mechanically to do before they ever get it out and working on anything.

I got up this morning and I felt that Tug talking to me...

"Ya missy, I may be ugly but I am not afraid of hard work..the kids these days don't now what real hard work is..all shiny and aluminum...they make a hell of a racket and they are no tougher than me, why where's the dirt under the fingernails...pansies ALL! I've been around almost 80 years and I still got work to do. I know my wheel house need's a fixin' and this and that but all those naysayers don't know nuthin...(grumble,grumble)."
S'truth! It's what I heard it said!

In the wee hours of Wednesday, the orange skiffy flipped over as it was tied up next to the Partnership. That poor outboard, which Greig has had for about 10 years went swimming for the fourth time since he has had it. Alas it was only a $125 touch - I was expecting it to be $300 - and we picked that up today.

Environment Canada says we are in for the coldest winter that we've had in 15 years. I think we'll have to go great guns, all of us on firewood. The carol ships have started up and so Greig is going flat out on that until Dec 23. I had resigned from the cruises a month or two ago after I got back from Dad being so ill. I can't tell you how much I don't miss it. If I didn't already have a full-time job + this place it would be one thing. To not have to factor it into my life/weekend is a godsend.

Well, more time for firewood and soup makin' can't be all bad.

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rob said...

Love the tug talk! I had a sail boat with bilge keels, that when I was antifouling her on the beach, used to talk to me as she was sinking in the sand and tell me to get out from inbetween the two keels before I got squished! Honest she did,cUs Boat owners and our boats!:o))