Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Power restored

With Sunday's storm, the power never went out directly until Tuesday morning. As Monday had progressed, the brown outs were becoming more frequent and severe to which I decided to empty the fridge on the Partnership and unplug it as I could hear the poor thing staining away. The stove on the Bowie being electric, was inoperable and so I was able to cook a big pot of soup for us on the Partnership's stove. Cooking on the propane stove is better anyway.

Greig was able to keep our big freezer freezing with hooking it up to one of the ear splitting gensets we have on hand.

When I got home from work last night it was still off and so we decided to go low tech and invest in some old fashioned coal oil lanterns. Canadian Tire has a big camping section and lots of lovely rechargable lanterns. I love the Coleman camp lanterns that you can screw in a small propane canister to but those are $80 a pop. Those throw off so much light! However at $13 a pop we opted for some of the old fashioned kind. Nothing to keep perpetually charged, not so valuable that if it gets broken or falls in the drink it would be a big loss. Plus they look cool and when not in use they have a decidedly decorative effect!

Yes, open flame is not a great idea to be sure but having to keep up with chargable batteries or leaving things always plugged in to charge is not a practical option for us. Unlike the land dwellers, if the power does go out we do have some wood stoves to keep us from freezing.

As soon as we got home from shopping and dropping $200 on flashlights and lanterns they had the power restored and all things normal.

I am sure we'll have another couple of storms like this before Christmas arrives.


rob said...

Who needs electricity? go to bed with the darkness and rise before dawn! become a "day shifter" :o)) your employer might have something to say about it though! Hope you get it sorted soon! take care!

Jamie said...

Oh yeah, don't you worry, Missy! You'll get plenty o' use out of those. They are pretty cute, I agree.