Thursday, November 15, 2007

This could come in handy

Ever on the lookout for more and efficient storage methods that are multi-functional and multi-purpose, I found this image on the How magazine design blog.

It is always amazing to always find an empty toilet paper roll on the roll holder and often as not several partially used ones just laying about, usually getting wet. EEUCK!

There are two kinds of holders about. One where you just slide the roll a rod, and the tension rod variety. Such a simple design to remove and replace it with a full roll. Apparently, quite complicated for others to master. I buy TP in bulk from Costco and Superstore - usually 32 rolls to a bundle.

And that empty roll, why the garbage is only inches away but it never quite makes it into there either. More mysteries of the universe I guess.


Jamie said...

Thank you for that gentle reminder that there are some really great things about living alone. The TP is always well-stocked, dry, and replaced as needed, no empty rolls hanging about.

You can always come live with me, you know ~ we could be the Two Tidy Amazon Valkyrie Women...just a thought (although your Greig's an awfully useful guy...maybe he could be our cabana boy?). I'm babbling, aren't I? I think I'll go get some sleep...

Jelaina said...

LAUGH that is so funny! Glad to hear you made it though the storm.

I "tagged" you on my blog to post 7 random facts ( around nov 19th) take it or leave it if you like!

XO Jelaina

bowiechick said...

Oh to be a "cabana boy" to a ship full of women would probably be an ultimate fantasy for the man truth be told.