Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its a typical case of a failure to communicate.

Which, ultimately tends to be one of our biggest sources of frustration. Of course it is a two way street and often we hope common sense prevails but alas, it rarely does. Oh that "common" sense just isn't that common and what seems common to me just "ain't" to a lot of other folks.

Just like the saying goes "If you assume you make an ass out of you and me."

And being the partner without rose-coloured-glasses, I think it is an exercise in futility most of the time. I expect people to be lousy whereby it totally bums Greig more when it happens. If we were only fixing boats then it would be easier but often this is social work. I am neither social worker nor psychologist - just a frustrated schmuck trying to keep everyone safe, fix a bunch of boats and help us all stay warm in the process. OYI for some simple cooperation!

That said people are always late with rent and we find ourselves covering for them. Most of the time people get caught up but sometimes they don't. Sometimes they can't even be bothered.

Recently, we gave much lattitude to someone I thought was worthy. But we gave an inch and they took a mile. In the meantime they found their own boat. Which was fabulous for them and in spite of their being in arrears with us and promises to get moved off any and all of OUR boats and onto this new boat we gave them lots of latitude. "It will all be off in a couple of days."

Two months later it lots of personal effects remained - at one point items over three rooms where only one room had actually been paid for.

The final flash point for me Sunday when one of the other tenents told me that his female cousin had come to visit. His cousin required a place to change for the hot tub so took to changing in the empty room. Turns out the errant tenant happened upon her, and had a fit about her being in "her" room. Apparently she still thought it was 'her" room though hadn't paid rent on the thing in some two months.

Well that was the final red flag to me. It was all a bit rich and cheeky. So I called her up and left her a not so nice voice mail and requested she come and see me about it to clear things up.

Alas she never did.

So the other day, sore and done from shoveling snow and throwing firewood about we were headed up to the hot tub, Greig saw their boat leave and head around the tip of Mitchell Island. He appeared to be headed downstream.

I thought, well, they've not said anything to either of us, maybe they just went to get fuel as they left a bunch of crap on the dock and there is still stuff in the hall upstairs on the Bowie.

Not that wouldn't be a typical thing of course - leaving a whole lot of crap around for ME to clean up is quite typical. Heck, one guy tried to sue us for throwing out his stuff after umpteen request that he come get it (and promised to do so several times and never showed.) Then, when he got hostile and sketchy we asked him to bring the RCMP to provide a civil standby, he said the Police wouldn't and then tried to sue them. So yes you do get all kinds.

Several hours later I had a call from Rhianna who'd had a call from this tenent saying that they had run a ground on a sandbar UP THE RIVER. Could Dave fire up the tug to help, 'cos they'd found moorage as we had kicked them out. Well no, I/we hadn't actually said leave the marina - just move out of the rooms and get it together but since they didn't come and see me....well, ASS=U+ME!!

Dave can't operate the Sea Cap alone at this point, and the tug isn't up for that kind of trip as it isn't running well enough. Too risky. Plus he'd dropped a battery on his foot...


I really wanted was for them to clean up their stuff and not be spread out over three rooms so that we could be able to rent the rooms and oh, pay our $1700 hydro bill Please and THANK YOU.


PS. They were apparently rescued. I can only ASSUME they are OK and hope that is true. I like them lots I just hate the rash behavior.


rob said...

They are taking the P*ss and you won`t get your money (fully) anyway) you know that! impound their gear, pending full payment. You don`t need all this do you? what a bad way for them to carry on in life, lets hope that when they do leave if they havent done so yet, their new mooring owners gets the money up front! I would have thought that it was a fairly tight community and that they could find out what they are truly like and that they are "non payers" ;o))

bowiechick said...

Frankly, I have no desire to impound their stuff or really ever expect "repayment". It is just a loss and "them's the breaks". The stuff has little value to me. But we'll hold it for a month and if they come back they can certainly have it. It is amazing the amount of crap that gets carted down and when they move out they just leave it behind.

I am forever amazed at the human ability to accumulate STUFF. And as I age in life I am always looking around to figure out ways how to downsize. Alas, I am not doing very well at that either.

rob said...

So sad that they should behave like that!

Jamie said...

Oh, how aggravating! It always fills me with shock when people fail to do what they say they will & the Right Thing. It shouldn't, at my age, yet it still does. That whole integrity thing ~ I'm sorry to hear of your woes; it does seem like you're always on the generous end of the stick!