Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We had a professional development day at work yesterday which was coupled with Christmas party which I don't think I've ever managed to attend in all the years I have worked at the College. Mostly because they happened after work and I usually had to go work on a boat.

Anyhow, in addition to the gift exchange I received an award. Two of my collegues cleverly gave "special" awards to 10 of 12 of my fellow workmates - save themselves of course.

And so the Mark Twain award goes to ....ME! They really shouldn't even refer to both of us in the same sentence as I am hardly so well written. Alas, regaling them with my tales of the river seems to have entertained them.

The funny thing is I said, "I haven't been regaling you with as many of my stories anymore as I thought I was freaking you out."

"You were," said Christine. "But don't stop now!"

Victoria said, "Really, you should be writing all of this down before you forget. Even if you do it through a tape recorder and save it all for another time."

"Well I try to do so through this blog but I don't always have time. And I'd like to be mindful of people's privacy even when they stiff us and are (insert expletive). But they are mostly nuts anyhow. Plus I don't want to get sued," I said.

"Whatever. It's good stuff. You'll wish you had."

OK, where is that list?


Jelaina said...


rob said...

Wow you are really very lucky to have such caring friends! I have never in my life ever had an award, :o(( If I got one it would probably be for being the Haemorrhoid of the year or similar. Its nice to have friends who appreciate you as they obviously do, and they are right you should write a book eventually.

Jamie said...

No, we all LOVE the wacky stories! Those are the ones where you shake your head and go "Ya couldn't make this stuff up if you tried..."

bowiechick said...

Yes 'tis true. ANd I do have more of those to tell.

Names will change to protect the not so innocent.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was searching for some information tonight and came across your blog by accident. I am a fourth generation shipwright/ mariner, and work on the river and also own and manage a boatyard slightly downriver from you. I am by your boats on a daily basis, although mostly at crazy hours as we also run the local water taxis. I can relate to many of your stories being a riverrat myself for the past 20 years. I also live on the water with my wife. Although we don't know each other, as you must know, the river is a small community and I know much about the boats on the river, including the lightship that recently came your way from Riverside Towings dock. From reading your blog I see that we know many of the same people. I can relate to your frustrations that come from the tremendous undertakings of the projects you have underway. I have also seen your project on the Bowie one night on television. Best of luck to you in whatever happens down there. It takes a special and stubborn person to keep these amazing projects going. Keep your chins up. Mike Shannon @ Shannon Buoys Marina P.S. I also heard about your tugboat flashing in my water taxi shortly after that night. The story started with the tugboat skipper telling me he was heading back to the yard to order "airbags" for the tugs dashboard HAHAHAHA