Sunday, December 16, 2007

Change is in the air

Well, again, it has been a heck of a week. We've a bit of a windstorm and I'm bouncing around like crazy at the moment. It must be really windy up by the Bowie as I tend to be a bit more protected down here on the west end of the marina.

We're really down on roommates. We've got ads running in several places but the phone just isn't ringing. Regardless of the time of year perhaps it seems strange.

Though Greig did rent a room to this freak who told him he was a welder and yet told some of the other roommates about all the hot stolen goods he could fix them up with. Geez, Greig my digital camera is missing. Three guesses as to who took it?

Dummy also tried barging in to Troy's room and since he has a Sidney who is a cross between an Australian Shepard and a harbour seal two guess who won that showdown. Good old Sid. She's a good old girl she is. The writing was further on the wall when Dummy got in Greig's face about Sidney and what a dangerous animal she is (some pot calling the kettle black methinks?) and Greig and I escorted him toot suite out of here about midnight the other night.

But like I always say, people show you who they are inspite of whatever they SAY it is that they are. So though it makes it tight, especially for the holidays, we'd just as soon stay empty and at peace with all the great people who are here than be desperate and have to babysit a bunch of crackheads and a@#holes.

The energy in just isn't comparing to the energy out. I've finally convinced Greig that it is time for a change of course so we're putting up boats for sale. Lousy time of year to be even thinking about it and of course, as soon as I wanted to go take some more pictures the damn camera gets ripped off.

Oh well, better stop this blathering and go get my vacuum of the Sea Ferring. I need to finish cleaning that. Gee it would be so handy if we just sold that one. And I have no firewood at all so that is one of my priorities today.

Stuff on today's list:
1. Set out a rat trap on the Pacific Express as I sure smell one and Noah says we've got one there.
2. Clean the bathroom on the Sea Ferring
3. Firewood; cut up scrap crap laying about
4. Clean out the shop up on shore as we're getting out of that.
5. Bag up the loose insulation in front of the shop doors and take it to the dump.
6. Dump run.
7. Grocery run

oh...i know there is more.

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