Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Postscript to fire

Well I submitted my pics to the CBC news and was oh-so-momentarily on last night's evening news. They sent down a cameraman and filmed me for about ten seconds and on what I saw. They used a wee bit for last night's broadcast.

The link is here but it archives quickly so I don't know how long it will be active for. If you want to see it click under the Watch online and the latest 6pm broadcast. It's about 20 minutes in.

It was kinda fun all the same. At least my mother saw me on TV and really, that is all that matters.


Jelaina said...

I saw you I saw you!! whoop whoop!

rob said...

Woooow, I know someone famous! can`t find the clip though,. cos im fick!:o((

Jamie said...

Mutual Admiration Society checking in! You are too cool, T! Managed to miss the clip, however. I can just picture you and Greig in the middle of the scene though!

rob said...

Hi Tana thanks for popping by! I take your point, perhaps I was a bit insensitive :o(( stuck up post now deleted.