Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things to do in a snow storm

"Oh look!" Greig exclaimed, "The lights are all out over by the (Knight) bridge. And there's a funny glow in the sky. I bet it's a fire. Wanna go check it out?"

Not one to miss out at lolly-gagging at a building going up in flames, I was in like a dirty shirt. It started snowing around here tonight at 8pm and though it hadn't accumulated much, it made for rather greasy driving. Just off of Kent at 66th and Crompton, and next door to the Cambie Roofing Company was a big 70 year old warehouse engulfed in flames. As we were driving by we saw two people scrambling into their warehouse yard.

Not to miss out on the chance at being a hero, Greig jumped in to help move their trucks out of the line of fire. Your intrepid reporter here, had to break in her new camera, and get as much footage as I possibly could plus the neighbourhood gossip. I had to beat the news!

There had also been a kitchen in the place that until recently, made meals for the homeless. One of the people I talked to thought the explosion she heard was a car crash. It was only when the alarms started going off did they get up to investigate.
There another fire here only in the last few weeks and they surmised that it was intentional.

They couldn't find all the keys to move all the trucks, but managed to get all but three out of the way. We stayed a few more moments to watched the building collapse just a bit more and decided to high tail for home when it started to get really stinky from the smoke. About then too the news cameras finally arrived. Too bad I scooped them, muahhaaa!


Tim Zim said...

Well done on the scoop there.

Amazing pictures.

rob said...

Wow! lets hope they were insured?

Jelaina said...

Good job on the reporting!

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Should've brought the marshmallows!