Monday, January 21, 2008

Woot ! Woot! Here's our newest Captain!

Behold the very handsome Troy, (with trusty sidekick Sydney seated upon lap), defender of the galley space and top pooch here in the marina. Though he has lived with us for almost two years now, this is a rare sighting for he LOATHES having his picture taken. He's quite elusive and hard working.Sightings of him are somewhat less rare than sighting say, a Sasquatch.

Troy has been working very hard lately at work and in school toward getting his Captain's papers. Today, sat his final oral exams and PASSED!

Congratulations Troy. We'd knew you'd trounce the thing with flying colours.


Jamie said...

Congratulations to the man! Nicely done ~ what a bunch of work!

Jelaina said...

My goodness, he may almost be even smiling in that pictures! Congrats to Troy!