Friday, February 29, 2008

Last of the vacation pics

Well that took far longer than expected. I got sick and then the reality of our life kept interfering with getting the pics sorted.

On arriving in Cozumel, we opted to not get on one of the pre-arranged port excursions and do things at our own speed. We got ambushed upon leaving the terminal by the scoot guys and I thought it would be fun to get a scooter and zip around the island. I suppose we would have been more comfortable in a jeep but whatever...the scoot was fun all the same.

We did stop briefly at a beach spot where all the chairs are lined up "side by each" and pack you in like cord wood. We stayed long enough to get wet and go for a swim as we wanted to explore the island. It was difficult walking underfoot and wish I had those neoprene walking shoes or my teva's with me.

Most of the geography of Cozumel is relatively uninteresting, save the azure blue of the ocean. It was fairly windy and the surf was pretty choppy. We stopped and had lunch at this restaurant tucked up on a knoll, hidden in some vegetation and was surprised to see it so busy. A couple of fellows from Galveston offered to share our table. The Galveston lads were on the Carnival Ecstasy which sailed out of Galveston, TX and were supposed to go to Progresso too but fog kept them from leaving Galveston on time. One of the lads was a vet from Iraq and was now a fish and game warden in Lousiana. His other buddy was a rig pig (worked on the oil rigs). Greig had lots to chat with them about as Greig did that work too ages ago, though mostly on the sour gas wells in Northern Alberta.

The food was delish. Neither of us had tried conch before and after reading An Embarrassment of Mangoes and all its talk of conch I had to try it. It was quite yummy as were the fish tacos. I think Greig had a quesadilla but it he made the egregious error of taking a scoop of some green stuff. I watched the game warden's eyebrows raise into horror and the shock on Greig's face as he registered the hotness. "Oh," he gasped, "that was not wise!" At least he was still able to speak.

It was a lovely day and I was happy to get a bit of sun though I'd have preferred a bit more beach time. Still, though we'd never do a cruise again I am still grateful we were able to get away and managed to get break.


rob said...

Great Pics Tana! thanks for posting them.

Jelaina said...

Awesome pictures.. so jealous!