Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"We're going to Chicken Pizza!"

The four year old boy on the bus exclaimed. Everyone roared with laughter over this, though our guide wasn't overly impressed, in spite of his slight smile. "No, it isn't Chicken Pizza."

After pulling into Progresso, Mexico on the boat, we boarded a bus for the 2.5 hour drive out to Chinchen Itza. Arriving shortly before 11am the 7,000 people that visit this place daily hadn't yet arrived and our guide took us on a 50 minute tour around the place.

Unfortunately, we had less than an hour after the tour to actually take it all in as we had to get back on the bus for the 2.5 hour ride back to the ship.

Alas, I wish we'd had more time there to take it all in and behold the place a bit more. It is pretty amazing. Here are some pictures.

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Jamie said...

Awesome pics, love! Def on my list for "someday." Hope you're getting used to life back here in the NW!