Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still here...recovering...

I have been trying to sort through and get around to posting pictures about our trip.

Yes, a trip. A REAL VACATION. It was a long time coming. Six years in fact and truly the first real vacation we've ever had.

We've never felt comfortable at leaving before. The timing has always been off and haven't felt that we could leave things in reliable hands so that the whole thing wouldn't fall apart in our absence. Moreover, it was important that someone was around in case somebody did something stupid or if a freak storm or a big fat tug pulling a barg going by too fast wouldn't pull the whole thing apart.

Thankfully we have a Dr. Sean and Karen the first. He rescued Mt. Kleeman when it's lines pulled away in a storm and drifted out into the river. The galley sink on the Bowie clogged up too and he got that working again for a time but then it clogged up again. That was Greig's first order of business when he got home and that's been repaired.

I have been fighting a huge malaise since returning. All I want to do is sleep and that alone is very unusual for me. I slept nine and a half hours last night. My usual sleep need is six to seven hours). I'm hoping it is just a post-travel thing.

I am slowly sorting through the million pictures we took and trying to cull the best ones of the bunch.

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Jamie said...

Welcome home!! Glad you had a good time and believe me, we all understand the "need a vacation after the vacation" syndrome...take your time, but we'll be looking forward to piotures!!