Monday, February 18, 2008

A big boat and crossing the Gulf

We left New Orleans on the Monday afternoon. Also in port were two of Paul Allen's boats and I just had to take a shot of the Meduse as my friend Sparrow was working on it only a few weeks ago. Also, there is a picture of Alice's brother for you Will. Both were kind of happy accidents to find.

It took us eight hours to get out of the river. I guess I never figured it was so far in from sea. The shoreline was dotted with refineries and chemical plants. I also never realized just how big Lake Ponchatrain was either.

The ship was full of locals, escaping the tawdriness that is Mardi Gras (their words, not mine). So it had a funny kind of energy. I had made the mistake of thinking our flights back were on the Friday so I had to rearrange our flights for Saturday. Rather than have his nibs chomping at the bit waiting for me, he boarded the ship ahead of me and went on recon.

A partial reason for taking a cruise was for Greig to check out if he would like working for that kind of an outfit. Well, by the time I had got on board, he'd checked the ship out entirely and surmised it wasn't his cuppa tea. That alone made the trip worth it in my mind.

The staff was excellent as well as the food but I guess we're not that kind of cruising type. We tend to shun that contrived "organized fun" plus getting gouged for internet to the tune of $24 an hour on board on computers set up to not actually open up windows to make you buy more time left a bitter taste. The staff work long hard hours and probably only pull in about $1100/month. Now most of them were eastern European or Asian and I think with the drop in the US dollar that a lot of them wished they were earning Euros.

It was a bit bouncy on the crossing as we were getting the wind that made those deadly tornados in Tennessee. We didn't get sea sick but found it funny that so many others did. The other strange thing is that Greig was happy as a pig in mud at being on a boat and was up at 5:30am most mornings. So unlike home...very funny for me to be the one wanting to sleep in for a change.

Greig also discovered flying fish. They looked to be about six inches long and would pop out at the crest of a wave and fly quite a distance across the water into the next wave.

Here are some more pics!

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