Sunday, March 02, 2008

The docks, the docks

Its always about the silly docks these days. I suppose now it is almost a year since Jack discovered the water lease was officially bigger than thought. Of course it has taken almost that long to get things relatively settled and anchored into place. And doing this all WITHOUT pilings is a bit of a challenge to day the least.

We had built a bunch of docks last year and with some rather big structures in place the silt seems to be filling in at an exponential rate, thus leaving us with less water under said docks than we anticipated. The foundation logs sit on the mud and the give the surface a twist and a yank and then the planks pop apart.

We also had some substantial vessels show up like Lightship and Mount Kleeman. Mount Kleeman is our nickname for this boathouse that is pretty much that, a big mountain. (You can see the corner of it in the left side of the last photo.)

And whilst far from perfect, they are very navigable and safe and unlikely that my mother-in-law or my own parents will break their blessed body parts trying to cross them. Well, most of them.

That other piece of flotsam with the chairs in the last photo has been pulled out and Mt. Kleeman is now sitting against the dock below.

Close enough now that we can justify hanging a couple of hooks off the side for the giant projector screen Brock gave us that we can sit in the hot tub and maybe watch a movie. Well, that is the idea. A kind of Mitchell Island twist to a drive in theatre. We now just have to scout around and find a projector to mount on the Bowie.

I'll let you know when the first double feature hits.

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Jamie said...

Such luxury, my dear! You can now host all manner of footwear ~ Long Live The Go-Go Boots! I'm quite impressed; it looks great.

I didn't know you had a Brock too. I just acquired one as a new playtoy and am quite happy with it (doesn't hurt that he's a really-truly captain as well!) ;)