Friday, March 28, 2008

More boat losers

I've a new blog to keep up to date on and have added them to the boat links.

This too shall pass (aka "boatsareforlosers") have a lovely and burgeoning blog belonging to Lorna and Steve, a couple living on their boat, Peter. Kindred spirits indeed.

AND they are fellow arty types. Real ones, not like yours truly who is a mere poser, schlepping away trying to get bums in seats at a community college.

Here are Lorna's illustrations and Steve's photography.

I look at Lorna's illustrations and wish I could ACTUALLY DRAW. So lovely and charming! Makes me want to sign up for those REAL drawing classes. Alas, past eight grade in small town BC, (pop. 1000), the closest thing I could take to art was drafting. Hey - there were only 17 of us that graduated in high school graduating class in a school of K to 12!

If only there wasn't so much firewood to split. ARRGGH! Swear it is on my LIST.

PS: OOPS!! Here's another... At home on Hendrick.

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