Sunday, March 30, 2008

New exterior fixtures and outboard brackets

The brass carriage style lamps on the outside of the floathouse have been bugging me for sometime. I think they are really dated looking. They don't really match wee-floating log cabin either. Plus, they were corroded as all get out at I have neither the patience, time or desire to polish in perpetuity, to get these to a respectable condition. Painting them black was more trouble than they were worth. A couple were damaged too so, knowing what battles to pick, this isn't one of them.

I chose a simpler, slightly more contemporary/ultiltarian fixture. Black and $9.99 each and far more suitable than the $143 brushed pewter ones I was salivating over. I prefer the black/wrought iron-ish accents for a log cabin over 80's-crappy-tire- brass, everyone-and-his-dog-has-one-of-these fixtures. I've re-wired all but the last one. I am tying to put them into metal electrical boxes as prior to this, it was just a bit of wire sticking out of a hole in the log.

Now, whilst hardly fully versed in the electrical code I think that if there is a short in the connection and a fire starts, those logs WILL catch on fire. So into a metal junction box it is all going. Yes, those logs will be re-stained too.

Greig and Bui got busy with our neighbour Wei Tang in fabricating some outboard brackets for the stern of the floathouse. The engine holds though are sprayed with insulation so while Wei Tang was welding on to the back we were concerned the foam would catch fire so Bui was on the garden hose to prevent any combustion. Greig had Bui take out the stern drives. Bui, who will be 15 in June, hasn't quite inherited the old man's inclination for pulling wrenches, but we all have to start somewhere.

It's something I discovered last week myself as I was pulling out a set of seatbelts from a GMC Suburban at the auto wreckers down the road. We recently purchased a newer suburban as we really are tired of taking two vehicles when the kids are around on weekends. Five-passenger vehicles don't cut it when the kids and their friends are about and wanting to go to Watermania. Mind you, I can honestly say I am not entirely jazzed about putting the darn things into the new rig given everything else coming up, but I feel confident it will be more tedious than difficult. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Non marine grade home despot fixtures will last only as long as the epoxy spray you hit them with lasts. Hose them with clear coat several times over several days and mount a fire extinguisher every 20 feet of boat. Great pics!

Jamie said...

Dang, woman, you're always impressing me with your myriad talents! Nicely played, electrical wizardress ~

rob said...

Well done Tana You never cease to impress me with your "multitude of abilites" (thats a mouthful) Maybe you would consider fitting a circuit breaker on the end of the power supply (RCD) to them and perhaps silicone all the joints in the power supply to prevent the copper corroding, (sure water maybe wont get in but condensation does) I guess that these are under an overhang or similar and protected from weather? if not make sure that the boxes are sealed fully so no water gets in.
Well done again Brilliant effort.

bowiechick said...

Gee shucks you guys! You know how to make a girl feel good. Thanks for the kudos. Handy tips are always appreciated and welcome.

Anonymous said...

don't hear much about the mad canadian anymore, what's up?

bowiechick said...

RE: mad canadian...go to Rhianna & the Lucky 7 as they've got their own blog.