Thursday, March 27, 2008

One seized starboard engine

Not long after we got the Partnership last year, Greig pulled the seized port engine. It has been on the "round tuit" list to do the starboard one too, but other stuff got in the way.

Oh what a muddy bilge!

Water comes in here through the leg of course - actually on both ones. The one good thing is the boat is a bit nose heavy so it at least gives it some ballast.

However the design flaw is that these just sit way too low and this thing is certainly never going to go out in any kind of real water as it is more a house than boat. Still, you want to be able to move it around.

We're going to do a haul out of this and clean and paint the bottom soon. Greig will remove those legs and weld over the holes and put on some outboard brackets. I am looking forward to cleaning out these spots and painting inside too. I could use the storage space.

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rob said...

I normally prefer inboards, as Im sure Greg does but its quite simple to borrow a couple of outboards when you need to move it, or even attach a small Tug? which I believe you have hanging around somewhere :O)) just think no more wet bilges (unless you have a real problem) all that storage space? Wow!