Sunday, March 09, 2008

Springing forward

With change being the most consistent thing around here, the spring shuffle is beginning again soon.

Mt. Kleeman, (otherwise known as the boathouse, white elephant, etc.) or moreover, the lovely Grand Banks that lives inside, has sold. Alas, both boat and house are a package deal, though new owner has no use for the boathouse and as it happens, he used to own the
Malacite, one of the charter yachts Greig works on. Greig's boss is interested in the boat house so I am hoping that the boathouse will go north up to the Big Cheese's marina. The Lightship is supposed to be moving - though we don't know when exactly.

We're moving the
Partnership out of the "West end". Alas, I do like it down on this end of the Marina. It is quieter,and less dusty than up by the Bowie. Being at the opposite end is a bit of a drawback sometimes. One benefit is that we're constantly walking up and down the docks which makes us look at how all the other boats are sitting and if pumps are keeping abreast of things, or deadheads that sneak their way in.

The down side is that we are constantly walking up and down the docks and spend more time walking from here to there, forgetting something, walking back...ah, can guess the rest. All in all not the most efficient of arrangements. Plus having some water beneath me will be great as I am tired of sitting on the beach on those low tides.

We've been putting so much time into building docks and trying to make things safer that sometimes I don't think we're getting anywhere. That is until someone comes to visit whom we've not seen in a while and they express how much things have changed. There is an ever-present mountain of stuff that I always see in front of me that I forget to look back at the view from where we've come. I am thankful to friends who remind me.

I am jazzed that winter is ending as, like my father, I am not a fan of the season. I am not to have the heaters or the woodstove running nearly as much. I love this view down the river, though at the low tide it is all mud. Behold my trees in bud, yes Mum and Dad spring is coming but you'll have to wait just a bit longer!

The dredging that was supposed to happen before Christmas never happened. Apparently during the last sounding it appeared to have "cleared itself". Guess any upper river dredging that occurred brought some more water through to do so. Plus, the fish are running so there certainly is no dredging to be had when that is in progress. The spring freshete should be beginning soon.

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rob said...

Great photo thanks, wish I lived somewhere like that :o))!