Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wildlife report

I am trying to get Toby to catch a mouse in my house - at least I think there is only one. I think it was Rhianna's actually.

Mouse six, Toby ZERO!

I really thought Tobs had it cornered in a cupboard last night. I heard a loud bang in the galley after I had gone to bed. I bolted out of bed to check, and carefully pulled out all the pots out of one of the cupboard where Toby was standing vigil. When I got everything out I closed the door on the mouse and Toby.

K-thunk, thunkkety, thunk, swish, swish, k-thunk, swish, swish, thunk, thunk, zip, and out it darted from between the gap in the cupboard and the door to under the stove.

"For cryin' out loud, you're 14 pounds of orange beast," I wailed at him! "What the heck is wrong with you," I said when I had opened the door as he bolted over to the stove.

It’s a wonder Toby can look me in the eye completely without shame. I keep expecting he’ll bring it to bed and present it to me as a gift sometime in the middle of the night. Probably about the same time he tries to snuggle up by my head and sticks his butt in my face too. Mind you, with my luck that mouse will still be alive as he would have failed to actually kill it and think it a new toy. Anyhow, I’ve plugged some of the holes behind the appliances to keep it from going into the bilge but I think it has taken up residence under my oven now.

Miss Bridgette the Duck is back. “How can you tell it is the same duck,” people ask? Well we just know by the way she tilts her head to the right and
when she comes when she’s called.

Apparently some people are just not convinced by this.

I am trying to identify the different ones that come in. I’ve never really had the time to sit and watch for them really. Recently, we’ve had Barrow’s Golden Eye Ducks about for much of the winter, mostly had males actually and not that many females. What I had thought was a Grebe of some sort is actually a Common Merganser and I 've had a pair hanging around by the float house for two to three weeks with some other Mallard ducks. The Mergansers dive deep like Loons though I can't say I have ever seen Loons down here on the Fraser.

There is a pair of Bald Eagles up in the communciation tower and it is something to hear them calling about. Coming home the other afternoon and we had seen a big one (probably the female) flying about the Mitchell Island off-ramp onto the island. There are two big green spaces on either side of the off ramps there and often Canada Geese are hanging out. I've seen owls occasionally too. Well, that eagle was flying so close to us we just had to stop to watch her.

I had set out a seed ball for some Black Capped Chicadees in front of the galley window on the float house and they were teasing Toby from outside for a few weeks. I think they’ve gone on now as they just aren’t attacking that seed ball like they were. Rhianna had given me a hummingbird feeder last year and tells me they are around. I think I shall set that out soon to try and attract some as I see from Birdweb.org that the Rufous Hummingbird should be here now, or at least very soon. I just have never seen the hummers much here in the city like I do in the interior so I am a bit skeptical.

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