Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the yard

Here are pictures of the boats in the yard whilst we were there. I know bits and pieces about a few and have tried to find more info on some.

We were right beside the seiner WestIsle. The West Isle was involved in an accident back in January and one of the crew was killed. (see CBC story). Greig heard that it had taken a dive and went down 125 feet of water. I've found no info to back that up. Would the powers that be pull something out that deep? I see upon looking on-line from this Transport Safety Board report it had been in an accident back in 1999 too.

During my epoxy painting lesson with Joe, he suggested that I look at the Fireboat's anti-slip decking. Over the years he's found it best to use the sandblasting glass as the brown of the walnut shells always showed though and that the fine sandblasting sand to wears the the best. "Scatter it like yer feedin' the chooks and just get heavy on the roller and roll it all in." he said.

The Malaspina Express has been down at River Rock Casino's marina for some time. Greig lusts after it every time we go by. We we wondering by the work being done if it got hit from behind. Here it is for sale on Yachtworld here. (Only a million! Chump change! Too bad we're a couple of chumps!)

The Royal Vancouver is a local charter boat and got stretched a few years back and was once called the Boomtown. When it was still the Boomtown a few years back (and before my time), it had broken down with a wedding on board and Greig helped tow them back to their slip. That was when he had the Bounty Hunter, a 36' Mariner sport fisher.

There was another small wooden fishboat getting done right by the looks of things.

The last was a huge yacht that has been at Arrow for many years now. I think at one time Greig said there was a name on it which I haven't been able to find information on. The rumour he'd heard was that it had been over on one of the Great Lakes working as a charter vessel and flipped with a bunch of kids on board. It's aluminum and I am pretty sure it has been stretched during its time at Arrow. Other than its exposed stern it is well under wraps and its big!

There were several boathouse under construction and the one pictured could almost fit the Bowie inside. Crescent Yacht have their facility here and there was a very pretty 70' Queenship that I was salivating over.

I see the C Outlaw, in its boathouse down near the Vancouver Marina Fuel dock but rarely do I ever see it out on the water. It's pretty too and would do just fine. Funny how much time these boats never leave their slip.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've got a freshly painted bottom.

Well that was a bit more painful than we'd anticipated. But it is done and the hull looked great and its been surveyed and so I am just waiting for the report. Yea!!

Toby is glad to be back as he was getting a bit stressed not knowing where the heck he was. He's been AWOL on the Bowie since we got home. And I know he was really stressed as there are two D.O.G.S there! I guess the dogs are nothing compared to a big scary boat yard.

There were some 17 zincs, all in relatively good shape considering the boat hadn't been out since it was built. That's fresh water for you. We welded over where the old legs used to be. Really it is a lake boat and not something you want to take out in the chuck so a couple of outboards just to move it when you need it will suffice.

Here are some of promised pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

High and dry

The floathouse is out of the water and my bottom is getting painted. It just sounds so naughty doesn't it? There was a red anti-fouling on it before but I am having them change it to black as I think the black looks better and just doesn't show the scum as much. I am hoping the black goes on today and then maybe it will go back in the water tomorrow, Wednesday or it may even be Thursday. Well, we banked on being there for a week.

The hull looks fantastic and was just really mucky for the most part. The zincs looked in good shape still and I didn't suffer any substantial damage from sitting on that piling. A good pressure washing and scuffing filled the bulk of our weekend chores. I managed to suss out mixing up the epoxy paint (Bar-rust) and Joe, the lead painting foreman told me how to mix it. He just wanted me to paint down to the rub rail.

If it does go back in tomorrow I may have to hang out for the evening there as Greig is on set for a Ford commercial and he's not really done anything acting wise since Flight 93. If he isn't home to move it on the slack tide we'll have to wait until Thursday. I don't really want to sit outside the lift in the water at Arrow as it is so rough with the tugs and barge traffic and my 25 ton cat bounces like a cork. The yard is pretty busy and they will be aiming to move me sooner than later. Heck, so busy that the Pride of Vancouver, a charter yacht belonging to one of Accent's competitors was sitting in the middle of the roadway!

I'll have more pics loaded up when I'm home again as there are some grunty tugs and fish boats there Tugster will love to see.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogger bugs/moving the #17 meat locker

Really, I have been writing but something's been happening to the posts I've drafted. I go in to open up a draft to edit, then text in the window flashes for a milli-second and then I see nothing in the window.

I can't select it to copy, or do basic edit on the content, nor can I go into the code to copy and paste it into a new post It is really buggy for some reason. So I give up. You won't hear me rant on about moving Dave's barge again, nor will you hear about me ranting on about Monty and his haunted Lightship running a ground and pulling us out into the shipping lane. Nope, nope.

Whatever. Things got so busy that it is now it is all in the past and I've other stuff to do and I have been doing other stuff since. Really it was only a week ago but that is just the pace of things around here, and soon my boat will be back and things will be "normal" again. HAAA!!

At any rate, here are some pics of moving Dave's stupid Meat Locker on Saturday, April 13. The only warm day we've had this spring and thing we got accomplished. Apparently this is the coldest spring in 40 years. Yes, no good deed ever goes unpunished. He's in my old spot and now all his projects are close to him.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's for dinner honey?

How about perogies, bratwurst, carmelized onions and roast mouse?

And how do you like your mouse?

Yes, I have still had Herr Mousie making his presence known from time to time. It had to be eating something but I've got everything in glass or plastic bins and so I am not sure what they are really eating. I am vigilant with the sweeping too. Little rotters been chewing through the wall.

On my propane stove there is a drawer that comes out. Not of much use really but I had Greig set the trap in the drawer as Toby had chased him under there the other day.

And then I forgot to check it. That is until the smoke was coming out from under the stove.

Ratslayer, 3

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A bit of this and that - floathouse renos.

The floathouse is up off the port bow of the Bowie, as we clean it up and do some renos before the big haul out. It gets more wave action at this end of the marina, but then when you're stuck in the mud at every low tide you don't tend to move much.

Greig and company pulled off the tarp that we've had on for the last year and we decided to bite the bullet and replace the roof. We're going to extend the roof back toward the stern and over the walk way around the top. It will for the short term be a bit too for a covered deck. Maybe one day that will be another room up there but for now we will just cover it.

I've got a two-person hot tub on the upper deck there. This one needs a new cover and I have to replace the skirting all around it. (Greig has been pressure washing the deck which is covered in that Duradeck material. The stuff has never impressed me much and I'll have to replace that too.) The tub used to sit smack up against the upstairs french doors and I think that was a poor spot as I can see where it leaked back into the loft and downstairs.

The floathouse seems to list starboard and is a bit bow heavy. Greig has pushed the hot tub back and filled it to give this boat a bit "more booty". Of course, when he did this, the french doors downstairs wouldn't open. Well, they wouldn't open and close that properly to begin with so we took a Skil saw and to the top and bottom to trim them up a bit and now they finally close properly. Mind you, I can't help but wonder if I should just replace the doors as they're damaged from what looks like a previous break in and a dog scratched the cedar doors to hell. Zoe, one of Bui's friends was rough-housing out there and broke one of the lights with his foot and I had a chunk of wood fly back off the table saw one day and cracked the light above that one. But I think I will endeavor to save what's there, for now at least.

I have always failed to see the charm in current cedar shake railing around the top too. It is hard to sweep as the gap between the floor and the bottom shakes isn't big enough to push a Q-tip through let alone a broom. I think there is also too much real estate lost from the taper from the floor to the railing too. Sure it makes it private, but its pretty darn ugly.

In the interim, I have been pulling out a million staples and caulking up a storm. I have started sanding the logs down in spots too though had momentarily considered re-painting the brown trim another colour. Since there is so much to do, I should tackle changing the logs alone and leave the brown of the logs the same.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Off topic again but this man made me say "Heck ya!!"

Here is another post with absolutely nothing to do about boats. He talk is about educating people OUT of their creativity. He's quite funny too.

I don't take enough time to look at TED: Ideas worth spreading. They have got so many great speakers here. I stumbled across Sir Ken Robinson and kept nodding my head in agreement many times.