Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogger bugs/moving the #17 meat locker

Really, I have been writing but something's been happening to the posts I've drafted. I go in to open up a draft to edit, then text in the window flashes for a milli-second and then I see nothing in the window.

I can't select it to copy, or do basic edit on the content, nor can I go into the code to copy and paste it into a new post It is really buggy for some reason. So I give up. You won't hear me rant on about moving Dave's barge again, nor will you hear about me ranting on about Monty and his haunted Lightship running a ground and pulling us out into the shipping lane. Nope, nope.

Whatever. Things got so busy that it is now it is all in the past and I've other stuff to do and I have been doing other stuff since. Really it was only a week ago but that is just the pace of things around here, and soon my boat will be back and things will be "normal" again. HAAA!!

At any rate, here are some pics of moving Dave's stupid Meat Locker on Saturday, April 13. The only warm day we've had this spring and thing we got accomplished. Apparently this is the coldest spring in 40 years. Yes, no good deed ever goes unpunished. He's in my old spot and now all his projects are close to him.


Jelaina said...

woohoo1 pictures!

PS-we caught a mouse last night (well.. technically the mouse trap did, and Smeagol put it in the garbage while I hid), double woop woop!

Overboard said...

I think that what you are doing is FANTASTIC! There is nothing better than living on a boat, any boat, and your boat looks like it's always gonna make your heart beat fast, despite the upkeep costs. Just waking up on the water gives you a better start to the day than 99% of the rest of the planet.

bowiechick said...

Thanks overboard! Yes waking up on the water is a beautiful thing.

I get frustrated when time and time again my plans to get something accomplished get usurped by the agendas of others. I don't go around EXPECTING favours nor do tend to ask when maybe I should. I'm way too nice and accommodating as it just leaves me feeling really used. So, "no" is getting used more in my vocabulary these days.

That's cool about the mouse Jel. What's the score now?