Tuesday, April 22, 2008

High and dry

The floathouse is out of the water and my bottom is getting painted. It just sounds so naughty doesn't it? There was a red anti-fouling on it before but I am having them change it to black as I think the black looks better and just doesn't show the scum as much. I am hoping the black goes on today and then maybe it will go back in the water tomorrow, Wednesday or it may even be Thursday. Well, we banked on being there for a week.

The hull looks fantastic and was just really mucky for the most part. The zincs looked in good shape still and I didn't suffer any substantial damage from sitting on that piling. A good pressure washing and scuffing filled the bulk of our weekend chores. I managed to suss out mixing up the epoxy paint (Bar-rust) and Joe, the lead painting foreman told me how to mix it. He just wanted me to paint down to the rub rail.

If it does go back in tomorrow I may have to hang out for the evening there as Greig is on set for a Ford commercial and he's not really done anything acting wise since Flight 93. If he isn't home to move it on the slack tide we'll have to wait until Thursday. I don't really want to sit outside the lift in the water at Arrow as it is so rough with the tugs and barge traffic and my 25 ton cat bounces like a cork. The yard is pretty busy and they will be aiming to move me sooner than later. Heck, so busy that the Pride of Vancouver, a charter yacht belonging to one of Accent's competitors was sitting in the middle of the roadway!

I'll have more pics loaded up when I'm home again as there are some grunty tugs and fish boats there Tugster will love to see.

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rob said...

Me too Tana! No not pressure washing and a coat of antifoul! Just a peek at the photos please :o))thanks for visiting my blog.