Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the yard

Here are pictures of the boats in the yard whilst we were there. I know bits and pieces about a few and have tried to find more info on some.

We were right beside the seiner WestIsle. The West Isle was involved in an accident back in January and one of the crew was killed. (see CBC story). Greig heard that it had taken a dive and went down 125 feet of water. I've found no info to back that up. Would the powers that be pull something out that deep? I see upon looking on-line from this Transport Safety Board report it had been in an accident back in 1999 too.

During my epoxy painting lesson with Joe, he suggested that I look at the Fireboat's anti-slip decking. Over the years he's found it best to use the sandblasting glass as the brown of the walnut shells always showed though and that the fine sandblasting sand to wears the the best. "Scatter it like yer feedin' the chooks and just get heavy on the roller and roll it all in." he said.

The Malaspina Express has been down at River Rock Casino's marina for some time. Greig lusts after it every time we go by. We we wondering by the work being done if it got hit from behind. Here it is for sale on Yachtworld here. (Only a million! Chump change! Too bad we're a couple of chumps!)

The Royal Vancouver is a local charter boat and got stretched a few years back and was once called the Boomtown. When it was still the Boomtown a few years back (and before my time), it had broken down with a wedding on board and Greig helped tow them back to their slip. That was when he had the Bounty Hunter, a 36' Mariner sport fisher.

There was another small wooden fishboat getting done right by the looks of things.

The last was a huge yacht that has been at Arrow for many years now. I think at one time Greig said there was a name on it which I haven't been able to find information on. The rumour he'd heard was that it had been over on one of the Great Lakes working as a charter vessel and flipped with a bunch of kids on board. It's aluminum and I am pretty sure it has been stretched during its time at Arrow. Other than its exposed stern it is well under wraps and its big!

There were several boathouse under construction and the one pictured could almost fit the Bowie inside. Crescent Yacht have their facility here and there was a very pretty 70' Queenship that I was salivating over.

I see the C Outlaw, in its boathouse down near the Vancouver Marina Fuel dock but rarely do I ever see it out on the water. It's pretty too and would do just fine. Funny how much time these boats never leave their slip.



rob said...

Great Pics, as usual Tana, thanks for that. I take exception to you referring to yourselves as a "pair of Chumps" You are certainly not that. Lacking the funding, maybe, but never "Chumps" :o))

bowiechick said...

Thank you good sir! I do think we can be "chumpy" sometimes.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

better chumpy than lumpy I say.
Hi there T, I'll second mr Rob, very interesting pictures yes. There is indeed something about shipyards, although I'm desperate to get ours away from her current home in Saxon.
Enjoyed I have, ta.