Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've got a freshly painted bottom.

Well that was a bit more painful than we'd anticipated. But it is done and the hull looked great and its been surveyed and so I am just waiting for the report. Yea!!

Toby is glad to be back as he was getting a bit stressed not knowing where the heck he was. He's been AWOL on the Bowie since we got home. And I know he was really stressed as there are two D.O.G.S there! I guess the dogs are nothing compared to a big scary boat yard.

There were some 17 zincs, all in relatively good shape considering the boat hadn't been out since it was built. That's fresh water for you. We welded over where the old legs used to be. Really it is a lake boat and not something you want to take out in the chuck so a couple of outboards just to move it when you need it will suffice.

Here are some of promised pictures.


rob said...

What a lovely looking craft? a real home! Just the sort of thing I can see myself ending my days on! I wish!

bowiechick said...

Oh it is a cozy little thing and the smell of the cedar is wonderful - especially with a nice crackling fire. Yes, that is snow on the ground by the way it snowed on the Saturday evening and we JUST managed to get the tarp on before the wind and snow started. VERY unusual for April to have snow.

Jamie said...

Yeah, the snow was bizarre! We had several inches around here. And yes, T, Partnership is a VERY cozy and sweet home ~ I love her!