Monday, April 07, 2008

Off topic again but this man made me say "Heck ya!!"

Here is another post with absolutely nothing to do about boats. He talk is about educating people OUT of their creativity. He's quite funny too.

I don't take enough time to look at TED: Ideas worth spreading. They have got so many great speakers here. I stumbled across Sir Ken Robinson and kept nodding my head in agreement many times.

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Anonymous said...

Ideas....we are still a flawed race with a major flawed technology...we still use flush toilets that run over when clogged....and if the float gets stuck the water continues to run causing serious water damage if we push the flush thingy and leave our home/ town before we notice the problem....we as a race will not reach our zenith until this problem is solved...we can cut down trees and turn them into pure white toilet paper...BUTT....clogging is still the age old modern problem......present that to the TED people to flush out....Tony Roberts.St.Anthony, site,great blog...I check in often.