Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of the new BC Ferries

The newest and last member of the new ships for BC Ferries, the Costal Celebration, stopped in London for a promotional visit. The building of these new ferries have been a political hot potato for years with the debacle of the Fast Cats and now with these German built ferries.

That the BC government went overseas to build these versus investing into the local shipbuilding industry has been a bitter pill. However, that is the Canadian way anymore - don't go local and eat your own young.

Any of my UK pals see it there? Here's a local news link.


James said...

Yes, it was tied up right next to our mooring all day, tied up to the two center-channel buoys that the cruise ships use. It's so big that the Port of London Authority had to move the downstream buoy further downstream by about a hundred feet! I'll post a couple of pictures on our blog.

melissa said...

yes! It was literally our next door neighbour for half the day on Monday. My other half took a few photos of it being tugged away in the afternoon but we haven't taken them off the camera yet. email me melissa at thanatopsic dot org if you want to see them. :)

Frankly we were all surprised and confused at what a passenger ferry was doing in the usual cruise ship spot!