Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes it isn't just a feeling.

The Shirley is a 28 foot glass-ply Mariner. The owner, Victor, I've never seen. EVER.

Last week, they came upon it with the swim grid underwater so a pump saved it from sinking.

Yesterday morning, it wasn't so lucky. However when the tide went out Greig pumped it out.

It is probably leaking at the bellows. That is the usual suspect.


rob said...

always a shame when this happens I guess he has fallen out of love with it and justs wants to let it go, is it worth saving? maybe put some rags around the sharp bits and clad it in a plastic reinforced tarp until it can be fixed properly (maybe flush the engine with fresh water and loads of parrafin ( kerosene) and then fill with oil?

bowiechick said...

Well I guess he is about two months behind on moorage and Greig is of the impression that the guy is going to just abandon it. I guess it had sunk before and was originally towed here, but Victor just ran out of those "round tuits."

rob said...

Ahhhh! The dear old "Round tuits" There are to many of those around here too :o((