Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New and improved! Now concrete dust free!

Last weekend I headed up to Kaslo for family wedding. I had a grand time. We've been so busy for so many years that I haven't seen some of the relatives in eons. Actually, I think it has been since I've been living on the coast which is now eight years and far too long to not see these people. So busy that it is hard for both of us to get away and some of the rellies Greig has not yet even met. They just know him from the news, lol.

We put a call to Greig about 2 hours out of Vancouver to let him know our "guesstimated" time of arrival. He was on the river pulling my boat to its new local and was taking advantage of the slack tide. So I had no where to go until he pulled my boat around to New Westminster. I had to go to Mitchell Island first to see what was going on and grab a couple of things and headed up to the new marina to which he hadn't arrived. A couple of the residents there urged me to take them to the swing bridge as he was close and they feared Greig might miss being able to go through. I knew the boat would be moving at sometime before the first of the month but not on the heels of that long road trip.

As luck would have it, the attended was getting ready to leave for the evening and stayed just a few minutes longer so he was able to pull the floathouse through! That was about 11:20pm and by about 1am we had my floathouse tied up and secure. That's my new view. Note the swan in the lower left of the image. I think I finally got to sleep at about 3:30am.

One more chapter in the many adventures with Greig, where stuff always happens in the dark, with no light.

Here is one of my new neighbours. Tobi and I were a bit leary of it as I know how mean swans can be. Still it seems friendly enough and clearly was looking for a handout. He's a bruiser, that's for sure.

Anyhow, I am liking it all much better already.


rob said...

What a great view! I hope that you will be very happy there, the wild life seem to like you a lot already :o))

cyberangel said...

Oh Im so jealous, a swan!! Every marina seems to have one except us.I hope all goes well for you at the new place, miss you tons already.We had a baby beaver no bigger than a rat here yesterday, so cute.

bowiechick said...

OOOH a wee kit! I saw a toddler one last year but none that small. I have to get to know the neighbourhood wildlife. Apparently there are some huge raccoons up in the barn. No "Bbridgettes" with babies that I've seen yet but between work and moving stuff from MI, I haven't been around much.

Tobi has taken to hanging out on the Alibi Wahoo, one of the other liveaboards here.

Jamie said...

Hurrah for new adventures! And a lack of concrete dust cant be anything but good! Glad it went smoothly ~

rob said...

Move boat and now no posts! Hope you are OK? Post soon Pleeese!:o))