Monday, June 09, 2008

The short of it.

I don't know where to even begin with all the crazy stuff happening these days, but it has been just relentless. Mercury went into retrograde and it has been perpetually nutty ever since. When it goes out, I am throwing a big a** party let me tell you! (I know you like it when I get all ranty Jamie and I will promise I will rant more soon...)

The freshet is ripping through, chaos is running amok and we're moving some of the boats away from Mitchell Island. We've actually got a spot to go to thanks to Grieg's benevolent employer, Ken Milne, who has been a greatly, no, scratch that, HUGELY, supportive of us over the years. I have often felt that Mitchell Island is a bit of a toxic vortex on a plethora of levels and am very much looking forward to being removed from it and none too soon either!

I am crying tears of joy at not having to breathe all that horrible dust from Allied anymore. I will be closer to work so I can get my backside on a bike and bike it on a regular basis and not burn fuel. When I first got my old Benz, it cost me $45-50 to fill it and within the course of the last year now costs me $70 to fill. Combining a workout and commute has my toes curling in anticipation. W-h-e-e!! Oh how I love biking! I seem to forget how much until I notice my cheeks cramping up 'cos I am smiling so damn much from it.

Our friend Len, whom I got the dresser-come-vanity for the float house bathroom also lives at this marina and does carpentry on the charter boats when Mr. Milne needs it. Now I can get him to re-configure the drawers in it so I can finally put a sink in it and put that wee project to bed. Len and I are kindred spirits in our affections for fixing up and stripping furniture and all things second-hand and used. It has always been a bit of a pipe dream to have a second hand furniture biz but this boat thing and well WORK keeps interfering.

The other thing that has me jazzed about the new local...less logs and detritus! There is so many logs that seem to split off from the booms on the north channel into Mitchell Slough that I could easily spend an hour each day on the pike pole keeping the water clear. I don't think we'll have to do near as much of that chore at the new spot. Wow. Maybe I can actually finish the projects I start without the perpetual interruptions.


rob said...

I hope the move goes well for you, I guess you will miss the wild life etc ?

bowiechick said...

As far as the wild animals, I know there will be plenty where we are going.

The other "wild ones" I won't miss at all.

steve said...

As a poor ignorant englishman, may i ask what the following things mean?:

'mercury went into retrograde'

'when it goes out'

'the freshet is ripping through'

'horrible dust from allied'

'logs...from the booms on the north channel'

plus where is mitchell island?

Thankyou! These things do't mean much to a humble Londoner!