Thursday, July 24, 2008

Halkett Bay Marine Park

Last Sunday night with the full realization that Greig had Monday off, the kids were actually AROUND, I was the only on slated to work. Thankfully, I work a flex-schedule at my real job so I was able to switch the days. The sun was shining brightly and just getting these three things together is magic. So over to Halkett Bay on Gambier Island we booted. Alas, pictures are few, as the girls ate up my battery time on my camera but I managed a couple before it gasped its last hurrah.

Its very pretty over there. I could live there in a heartbeat. Tucked just in behind Bowen Island, it is quite big and only private water taxi service goes there. Lots of off-grid cottages too and really only a 1/2 boat ride to Horseshoe Bay. At the government dock the kids got some diving in and had a lovely time. I wish we'd had more time to be there though.

En route home we saw Mr. Pattison's boat the Nova Spirit and out anchored in English Bay is Suleyman Kerimov's megayacht ICE. It makes the #20 spot on Power and Motor Yacht's top 100 list for 2008. It's not that fast apparently and top cruising speed is only 16 knots. I think I'd be totally fine with that however.

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rob said...

Wow that was a bit of luch all having the time off togeather, Nice place! thanks for the piccies. I think I could live there in a shot too, preferably off line also. Do you have bears there???
:o(( perhaps I wouldn`t then :o))