Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How to maintain dignity when getting stabbed in the back

Omens of postcards depicting burning Viking ships not withstanding, really it was a giant light soon to be illumnated on the whole debacle. A tipping point for sure I suppose.

Greig and I were already tired from doing all this. Altruistic as it was, it just never worked for me and I found the responsibility too overwhelming. You see I am too much of a perfectionist and workaholic and I get agro when I am running around trying to make things better, for everyone, while others parasite off of me. It just took a bit longer and for more shit to hit the fan for Greig to realize it too. We were shutting things down anyway. We just hoped we'd have a bit more time to do so. We didn't. We don't.

And in the meantime the ship the Bowie is getting robbed blind. We've had four port holes go missing. Now the magnets off the Binnical and other parts out of the wheelhouse in Dosha's room.

There is a consummate effort to keep us out of the marina ensuring that we can't be there so it can be raped more fully of its assets. Too bad too as all this time we've really been trying to keep it all intact. Funny thing was there is more theft now that we're not there as much than in all the time we were there.

As usual it isn't strangers you have to worry about. Its the people you know.


rob said...

Hi Tana! what a shame, my heart goes out to you both, its not easy when all of a sudden your worst fears start to materialise. in the back of your minds you must have had an inkling that this might happen even though you may have ignored it. What a sad situation to now find yourselves in. I guess you can`t now move the Bowie to a safer port? where you can continue on with your quest to see her finished and working. Such a shame, not very nice also to know that those around whom you have treated as friends cannot be trusted either. :o(( So sad!

Anonymous said...

Choices....we all have to make on a mountain.... there's trouble by OTHER on boats....still trouble by other people....parasites are what some people are....and they are good at finding good and decent folks who are trying to improve themselves and the world around them... there are rules we must abide by in parasite we will have....the jails are full already...

danslan said...