Thursday, July 10, 2008

There are blessing if you choose to see them

Thanks Rob and Anonymous for your comments on the previous post.

Truly under these very tenuous circumstances that we actually had an alternative place to go in the time frame we have had is the biggest blessing in all of this. That is what we must be most mindful of. As much as we feel we're being unjustifiably treated like pariahs, the proof is that if we were true pariahs we'd have few alternatives before us. The simple fact is that we and our family got in the way of the greedy agendas of others and we were apparently quite expendable.

I have always said that people show you who they are. I always knew that our efforts at that marina was akin to trying to fill a bucket full of holes and Greig always felt that our efforts would ultimately mean something but it just didn't.

We've been able to move most of the boats except the Bowie and the Express is slated to come over too but there are other boats that have to move to make room for it. Last night we took out the most removable parts of the portholes. So if anyone goes after the other parts of the portholes they will have to make a hell of a mess to do so.
It seems to be was the only way to ensure they would stay intact for the are intrinsically historical to the ship. We also discovered the brass poles of the big spot lights were also removed. They probably would have taken the brass pedestals too if they weren't fibreglassed into the roof already. At least they didn't take the big lights themselves but they are really, really heavy. Oh, and the brass rudder indicator was also taken out of Dosha's room too.

All in all the behavior show to us was absolutely uncalled for and it all didn't have to go down this way at all. Yet we've garnered moral support from surprising sources. Still, there are a few I'll be quite happy to not know anymore.

We just have to get through it.


rob said...

I think I would sleep on the boat with a baseball bat for a few days leaving my mark on the first person with a spanner that came near, B*stards :o(( what they have done is uneccessary, these items are part of the history and rarely can they be replaced.

bowiechick said...

Oh Rob, you are so very right. This whole debacle is utterly heartbreaking and it could be so easy to stoop to their level and get dirty but I/we have ethics and I just don't want to be pulled down into the muck with all that anymore than I feel I already have. It is bad enough the kids are so heartbroke over it all too.

We have one person who is allowed to remain on board but I have no assurances that will remain so.

You know we've tried so hard to find a way to maintain a piece of history but so many can't look beyond it as just an old grotty boat.

At any rate I am not convinced it is just all a guise to try and break us and take it and the Express from us. And the funny thing is, they could just make a simple offer.

I suppose that would be just too easy.

Jamie said...

Oh, T, I'm so very very sorry to hear of your troubles! I think if Rob and I were there instead of the UK and Seattle respectively, we really would be camping out with our baseball bats to protect the beloved Bowie. You sound so sad and that breaks my heart too. But chin up, love, you're tougher than all this! Hugs to both you and Greig ~ j

Tim Zim said...

I'm truly sorry to hear of your heartache.

Greed is an awful thing.