Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jacked again

On Sunday our old pickup truck got jacked from the street. It isn't the first time this has happened. Perhaps it is cursed. The first time was about 15 minutes after we bought it and that happened right smack in the Canadian Tire parking lot a couple of years ago. Greig found it about an hour later as it wasn't running really well and we were at the store getting stuff to tweak it.

On Sunday we came home just past 5pm and I noticed it was gone. So I called it in to the police and off to work for the evening we went.

Yesterday, I decided that on my way home from the day job that I would do a cruise around my neighbourhood. We found it the last time by driving around the neighbourhood so what would be the chances I'd find it again?

Apparently pretty darn good. Within minutes truth be told. I couldn't believe it! I just happened to look up this one street and saw its distinctive back end with the red reflector bit of the G in the GMC missing.

I scooted around the block to get to the street just to double check but hey, I KNOW my beastie old truck when I see it. I called the police and waited about 15 minutes for George from the New Westminster Police to give it the once over. He was fantastic! He even tried to help me get it started and we surmised that the battery was completely dead. Turns out actually they took the good battery we had in it and switched it out for a crappy one.

So we have to replace all that steering column again and get a new battery. That should be a $400 touch.


Jamie said...

Oy vey. Perhaps it just likes to go joyriding a bit? Trucks need to have fun too! Bummer about the battery...

rob said...

Hi Tana! Just a "try to" comment regards rob

bowiechick said...

There you go Rob. Tis fine again!

rob said...

Hi Tana I am now operating from theis address http://rob-robinsdiary.blogspot.com. sorry for the change I have no idea how it happened:o((

bowiechick said...

OK Rob! I will change the url in my links.