Friday, August 15, 2008


Sorry, for this is post is not boat-y at all. It's for my dear old Dad. Well, other than the fact in this picture he is posing inside the big coal bin/hopper thingy on the SS Moyie. Payton took this picture back in June and he's happily sporting the Mardi-Gras tee that we got him in N'awlins last February.

Tomorrow, he turns the big 7-5. It was at the end of August of last year that he got sick with that damn strangulated hernia, two bouts of bowel surgery to fix him up, had us close to losing him. Did I say it was hell on a stick?

A PAIR of hockey sticks actually. H-E-DOUBLE hockey sticks!

But he's a tuff old duffer with a true heart of gold and I just don't get to see him nearly enough. His recovery wasn't that easy as he became diabetic after all of that and it took forever for his wounds to heal. He lost about 30 pounds and puttering around in his garden has helped him get his strength back. I think his biggest complaint is that he gets cold easier than he ever did and now has a really "boney" butt!

I am struck when I hug him how he feels different for his shoulders aren't as expansive and the bhudda belly has gone. The quality of the hugs are still top drawer though!

At anyrate, they are off campin' in their fifth wheel trailer with my brother Gavin and his family. Its stinkin' hot, they are all camped by a lake some where in the Shuswap, swimmin', un-laxin', grillin' on the barby.

And it is all I can do to NOT blow my shifts this weekend and hop in Leni, my old car and make the six hour drive and present him with another stupid t-shirt to mark #75.

Happy birthday Dad. Oh how I wish I were there.

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