Monday, September 08, 2008

A challenge for the lads

Greig decided to give Bui and Denis a big bone to chew on. That of pulling the engine out of the Westmark. The Westmark is an old fishboat thathas been abandoned, so the Big Boss man offered it to Greig. It so happens to be the exact same engine, a Chrysler Nissan, that is in the Dos Amores. And not to look a gift diesel in the mouth...

One day last week, Greig spent the day in it detaching all the bits from it. (Bui is on the right and his buddy Denis, our other "son" is on the left here). We left for work Saturday afternoon and he put the boys on to the challenge of hoisting it out of there. Innumerable phone calls that evening from them and dozens of excuses to NOT finish the job only made Greig encourage them more to finish it.

And they did it! All their griping aside, how many fifteen year old city kids can go back to school on Monday and when asked about what they did this weekend would answer, "Oh I pulled a diesel engine out of an old fish boat." Well they can! Really, they were quite proud of themselves after the fact. Now we just have to get it off the boat...Hmmm


rob said...

Well done you guys, all of you. I used to encourage my son to do that sort of thing and now at 40 he can repair most everything he lays his hands on, even as a captain of industry in a white shirt. :o))

Jamie said...

Go, team! It's good that you're raising competent men :)