Friday, September 26, 2008

Greig's gantry and other improvements

In order for us to bring the Pacific Express up to the new digs, we had to wait for a few things to happen. Glenna and her boat the Shorebird were in the little boathouse for most of the summer. She's a carpenter from Ladysmith and was working on the set of the new science fiction series called Sanctuary. A god-send she was as sometimes we'd come home from an evening slog and she'd have a bite to eat or a glass of wine for us .

She left last Monday and Greig was able to build a gantry inside it, hook up and hoist out that diesel engine out of the Westmark. He then dropped the engine into the Green Goblin, our 26 footer. Once he was able to do that, he pulled the Hari Mai back into the boathouse.

We've had some really, really low tides in the last few days and the big boathouse, aka Mt. Kleeman was sitting twisted on the mud, as was the Sea Ferring inside of it. Boats going aground all up and down the river is in the news again, and why aren't "they" doing anything about it.

Here is the hoist and the engine sitting all wonky here in the boathouse as the Westmark was aground in the boathouse here too.

So some more organizing and re-jigging of docks has to take place still for the Express to arrive. Location of that here seems to change daily

My next improvement will be to finally get the sink working in my bathroom. I had bought an antique dresser thinking I could re-configure it with a sink and all that but in the past year that just hasn't happened.
I've splurged on this pretty thing and Greig and I got the legs on it last night and moved it into place to check for the fit. OOOH it is so very sexy! I do have to cut a hole in the bottom shelf to make allowances for the plumbing but it otherwise fits in just fine into the spot.

Everyone say, "Yea! Storage!"

The floathouse has now been here for three months and three months with no hydro is wearing very thin. I thank god I have a propane hot water tank and stove. As it stands we've been running a gas generator for short periods at night and that is when I can use the computer and internet. It is funny to tell this to people that my landline only works when my genny is running and they look at me, somewhat confused. I assure them it is OK 'cos if Hurricane Katrina would hit me, I'm mostly off-grid already and they'd be screwed. Well, it makes me feel better at least. That all aside, I am getting really tired of the big fat cooler that has been my fridge for the past four months. As small as my fridge is, I really, really miss it and that good working triangle between the fridge, sink and stove. I think I was able to sufficently bitch at the Big Cheese today, to facilitate the action of a temporary hydro mast at the very least.

Still, it is very pretty at night up here and I don't miss the dust a whit.

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