Monday, September 08, 2008

Log boat

This one is for you Will!

It was anchored out in English Bay the other day. I had assumed this was one of Seaspan's but when I looked up those vessels on Seaspan's site here, that it is a different ship all together.

Seaspan's tip over and dump out the logs which I have never seen done but just told about it and you can see that in the roll-over pics on their site.

Not often that I see ships out at anchor with the raw logs on deck however, though we send so much of our raw log exports to foreign shores.


Rodeo Princess said...

Very Very cool picture of the log boat! I added you to my blog list - I love it!

rob said...

Wood products here are rising in price. It seems that China are hogging the market with their bustling economic growth. Nice photo of the log boat.