Sunday, September 14, 2008


Really, I am still in shock. We sold two boats this week. The Dos Amores on Wednesday and the Bowie yesterday.

I am glad to be free of the responsibility of it. But I have always struggled with that as far as the Bowie was concerned. There was just something about that boat that left me so restless. I couldn't sit still. I never found it restful living on it. I always saw some fresh mess that would distract me from whatever chore I was already trying to finish. Only when we bought the Partnership did I really comprehend how sleep deprived I had been for so long.

Yes there were some tears and the kids loved the boat so much. Especially Dosha and Payton as I think they have missed it the most. We put a lot of work into it that didn't always yeild the results I had hoped for but that came through in other places. Sometimes you plant a seed and something comes up you didn't expect. Well, that was life on the Bowie in a nutshell. Maybe that is just life on the river.

The two things biggest things about Mitchell Island that I don't miss are the driftwood and dust. We just don't get the volume of wood over here that we got there. Really, that was quite phenomenal.

All in all, its a good thing. Guess I have to loose the mvbowie URL now eh?


rob said...

Really glad you sold the Bowie wouln`t have been much fun dismantling/scrapping her and hopefully the new owner will get it back to her original state. Now What are you going to do with all that free time and no worry?? :o))
Take care!

bowiechick said...

Well I don't know if that he ever will get it back to its original state. It's a really really big job and he seems to have ideas of his own. It has to move from Mitchell Island and he knows that it can't remain there. He's retired so I think he has more time to research that than we've had. It is now SEP - someone else's problem.


Jamie said...

OMG, you really *are* on your way to having a LIFE, as you so eloquently put it. Wow! Can we still call you bowiechick? Pleeeeeeaaase? Partnershipchick just doesn't have the same cachet to it....

rodeo Princess said...

I am sad, in a non specific, feel for you sort of way.

It would be so easy if all the things we had to do in life made us happy, and things we weren't supposed to do made us sad, but it is just not like that, is it?

I guess it is kind of like the feeling I had when, in order to start the addition to the farmhouse, we ripped off the porch that my husband and I had built. And found it had wood rot.

I was so sad, unsettled but aware that it was a good thing we had taken it off.

Happy Trails, where ever you are now.

bowiechick said...

Oh it is all good. Less stress = happy bowiechick.

will said...

congratulations!!! new adventures and challenges always show up. and they're good.

james said...

my uncle joe served on this ship in wwii. that is a picture of him in san francisco bay he is the 3rd from the right wearing the pea coat. what happened to this boat? thanks james