Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To that I say "HA!"

It has been a busy weekend to be sure. We are in the process of scrapping the Bowie. Sad but we've not many choices at this point. Greig moved the Pacific Express alongside the Bowie a few days ago and we had to pull it off the water lease by the first of the month. Well they did that yesterday.

That all said, some may recall how I've often expressed how the Bowie has been THE ANCHOR for the marina for all these years. Now, it is detached from the works and as a result the marina is wanting to drift downstream.

Gee, what did you expect when you have docks all willy nilly not actually attached to anything? I just feel so bad for the other tenets moored there having to put up with all that crap. At 4am they were out there lashing the dock finger to Bill's boat down with a fire hose as there was no rope handy that was at all long enough.

Gee, maybe if they hadn't slashed our stern line anchors they could have actually attached to them and kept the whole works stable. Nope, that would have been the smart and easy way of doing things. Of course they would have had to ask nicely. Oh well. SEP I say - someone else's problem.


Matt T said...

Awfully sorry to hear that the Bowie is going to the big sub hunter picnic in the sky. You should read, or read aloud a few passages from Hemingway's "Islands in the Stream" the third section titled "At Sea" on deck if there is still time.

bowiechick said...

Hi Matt! Thanks for that. I'll go look in the library for it. We're just salvaging as much off it as we can at this point. Oh ya, we've got time yet and I think things are "safe" for the time being but it isn't entirely up to us at this point.

Rodeo Princess said...

I was feeling my life was difficult this morning when my horses broke into the goat field and there was mayhem all around, but then I found your blog and realized at least my house wasn't floating away. Good luck to you!

bowiechick said...

Thanks for dropping in rodeo princess. Yes, floating away can be problematic from time to time. No horses here tho'.

Jamie said...

Ahhh, indeed. A sad time, very sad for those of us who love her. Chin up, dear girl. Sounds like you're maintaining that can-do attitude in the face of difficulty. Seattle is not that far by train if you decide to take a break for a day or two ~ you've always got a berth on KJ!