Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crab cakes, shrimp and buttah

I just got home from a conference in Savannah, Georgia. As luck would have it, our room at the Hyatt looked right over onto the Savannah River. Did you know it is the fourth busiest port in the US of A. I don't know who claims spots 1 to three but four seems a bit of an anti climatic posi to be in.

The first thing I saw when we looked out the sliding doors onto the river below was this big charter yacht,
Magic. I never planned a life with boats...they just sorta happened and keep showin' up. Savannah is a beautiful city and I could live there quite easily there is this thing called "immigration." The weather was warm and lovely. So I don't shovel much snow up here on the coast but the climate here has grown quite tedious.

I need more heat. I am tired of trying to keep warm.
Of course, I am a sucker for architecture and gardens as it was more of what I was "into" in life "B-G" (life before Greig). I could spend many, many hours walking up the side streets and looking at the gardens and buildings and gorging myself on crab cakes and shrimp.

Ya, that would suck wouldn't it?

Here are more pics!


Matthew said...

Wow, those are beautiful pics! I was in Savannah last week essentially liquidating a defunct Chevy dealership. Not only did I not see any of the sights but my clammy hands spent all their time either clinching the wheel of my truck or nervously fondling the butt of my gun. Glad you had fun but as for me I would happily never go back to Georgia.

bowiechick said...

Well, I was only in the Historical district and it is pretty arsty-fartsy as was my conference. One of the magazines in the hotel room had a tale of an 11-yr old taking down this HUGE 800-1000 lb wild boar. (The kid was posed over his big kill.) So, that your experience was otherwise is no surprise either.

Jamie said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I enjoyed time in the South as well, but don't know that I could handle the insect population ~ those were some big Things crawling around. Sounds like a good trip!

bowiechick said...

macro shots m'dear. They weren't excessively big butterflies or moths.