Monday, October 20, 2008

Vanity complete

No, I am Joe the plumber. Of course it took far too long finish this project but now I am close to having a functioning vanity. It sure LOOKS purdy.

Instead of coming out from the wall, the drain and water comes up from the floor. I found the right double joint fittings and then realized I had to make another trip to the hardware for the right kind of ABS pipe to fit the actual drain from the sink. It all came together and then...

It leaked...from the sink drain...

Sigh. Perhaps it was the cheap plastic/nylon drain assembly? I have put a drain in a sink before and that came together easy peasy...what gives?

I picked up a metal one from Canadian Tire and it went in quick as you please.

No leaks. Yea me!


leap said...

Gorgeous, dahling.
Send that into one of the local interior mags!

rob said...

Sure looks great "nothing good comes easy" I agree with "Leap" it would make a great article! :o))

Jamie said...

Oh my, that's lovely ~ quite classy! Excellent work, love!