Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just how livid am i?

So completely lived in fact that I just may go into an apoplectic rage.

For sometime I've not heard from our friend and former roommate Evil Mark. Out of the blue I got an email (Happy dance, he IS still alive) inquiring about the sale of the Bowie and things we not going well for him. He is unable to prove to the satisfaction of ICBC (Iky-Bicky aka, Insurance Corp. of British Columbia) and WCB (aka Worker's Compensation or now known as Work Safe BC) that he really truly did work for Dave. Some of you recall my post of the accident back in August 2007 that seriously rattled all of us down at Mitchell Island.

To bad Dave's dead and can't validate that salient fact either. But there are a bunch of us WHO CAN. Apparently pulling both their bodies from the wreckage of going off a bridge isn't evidence enough?

BAH! "Working to make a difference" my ass WCB.


cyberangel said...

Wow, how typical of ICBC/WCB.They will say/do anything to get out of paying for a claim. They are nothing but thieves.I feel so sorry for Mark, after everything he has been through, who cares whether he was working or not. He was in the vehicle, not the driver, no fault of his what-so-ever, he should be compensated for his injuries, plain and simple.

I also covet the Slendide, not that I have anywhere to put it, but Im sick of the laundramat scene for sure.

leap said...

what a joke. it wouldn't be as bad if we at least had options - instead we're stuck with the monopoly of corrupt ICBC. so sorry your friend has to suffer like so many others.