Sunday, October 12, 2008

My cat is a Conehead

I should have realized something was amiss before I left for Savannah. So, when I came home I realized poor Tobi was really ill.

He usually insists upon sleeping up by my head at night. So much so that I tend to leave a spot for him though he usually likes to stick his butt in my face when I'm sleeping. But on my first night back he stayed downstairs and didn't come up. He usually tries to body slam me regularly and he just wasn't his usual kitten-y self. I mean he is a bruiser at 15lbs but the usual Tobi-ness just wasn't there.

I noticed a scab on his side and that it was quite a bit swollen there and tender. He wasn't eating, not using his litter box as well as trying to constantly go in and out.

A nasty abscess was removed and he spent two nights at the "spa". Its is a vast improvement over the Tobi of two days ago. Now, I just don't know how I'll keep him inside. We're already arguing that point.


cyberangel said...

Oh poor Tobias, I hope he feels better soon.I miss him tons, coolest cat ever.I pray he has a speedy recovery.

rob said...

Was he bitten by a rat or a bever, if it was another cat it should have been a bit cleaner? poor "old sausage"

bowiechick said...

I don't know what he got caught on but the scabby bit was quite small. Enough for it to become quite infected. He could have got it hooked on a nail too. There are coyotes in the neighbourhood and they could easily access the docks at low tide and make a meal out of the Tobster. Same with the racoons. He's seems to be healing.

I pass on the love to him. He's a bit of a love pig.

rob said...

:O)) Gee Thanks ! :o))

rodeo Princess said...

Nasty nasty things those abscessi. I've had both cats and rabbits get them, and it's really disgusting what comes OUT of them - stinky, nasty infection pus. I am sure he will mend quickly - but what a way to use up one of his nine lives!